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Pistol daimyo no bouken @ PCBdB.net
Manufacturer: Namco
Year: 1990
Genre: Platform
Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)
System: Jamma

Orientation: Horizontal
Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
CRT: Color

Number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Alternating
Joystick: 8-way
Buttons: 1


Pistol daimyo no bouken @ PCBdB.net
You are the Pistol-Shogun. You must fight through enemies to get to and defeat the boss of each level. There are seperate controls for each player even though you alternate play.

The game's hardware is a Namco System 1 board. It uses a three 6809 processors, a 63701 MCU, and many custom ICs. For sound it uses a Namco 8 channel stereo wavedata PSG, a YM3012 DAC, and a YM2151 FM sound chip.



Pistol daimyo no bouken @ PCBdB.net

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