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Taito GNet @ PCBdB.net
Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1998
Genre: System
Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel)
System: Taito G-NET

Orientation: Horizontal
Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
CRT: Color


Taito GNet @ PCBdB.net
Main CPU : R3000A 32 bit RISC processor, Clock - 50MHz?, Operating performance - 30 MIPS, Instruction Cache - 4KB
BUS : 132 MB/sec.
OS ROM : 512 Kilobytes
Sound CPU : Panasonic MN1020012A
Sound DSP's : ZOOM ZSG-2 DSP, TMS57002 DSP
Graphical Processor : 360,000 polygons/sec, Sprite/BG drawing, Adjustable frame buffer, No line restriction, 4,000 8x8 pixel sprites with individual scaling and rotation, Simultaneous backgrounds (Parallax scrolling)
Sprite Effects : Rotation, Scaling up/down, Warping, Transparency, Fading, Priority, Vertical and horizontal line scroll
Resolution : 256x224 - 740x480
Colours : 16.7 million colors, Unlimited CLUTs (Color Look-Up Tables)
Other Features : custom geometry engine, custom polygon engine, MJPEG decoder
Media : PCMIA II Cards
Optional I/O : Video, Stereo, Trackball, Race Controller, 3rd & 4th Player, Memory Card
Onboard Memory : Present - Saves High Scores and Settings including Calibration but only per game.
Board Layout : Comprises the following main parts....
- Sony ZN-2 Motherboard
- Taito FC PCB (Sound hardware & FLASHROMs)
- Taito CD PCB (PCMCIA cart interface)
- Optional Communication Interface PCB
- Optional Save PCB
Comm Link : Two LAN Connectors plus Terminator
Conversion Class : JAMMA+


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