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14:09 2008/09/10
From Disk to EPROM  [ Replys: 2 ]

"Just looking for information!!"

Isn't that one of the purposes of PCBdb?

Let's hope the update is soon, the interest is very low regarding this site right now.
2. 2008/09/27

Strange no reply yet..!!
Wonder what everybody doing here!!
Just looking for information!!

Wait for PCBdB* 2..
Soon up,! its little bit different!
PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
1. 2008/09/16
Hi, I have 2 Atari APB (All Points Bulletin) PCB's. I also have the ROMS for the german version of the game on a disk that work on MAME. I would like to burn the german version from my disk to the EPROMS on one of the boards. I don't know which EPROM chip or chips to erase and reprogram. If anyone knows or has suggestions I would appreciate it. THANKS!
. 2008/09/10