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23:37 2008/08/07
PCBdB BETA  [ Replys: 2 ]
Dont seem to be able to EDIT,,,
How do I edit?

2. 2008/08/20
Eeeh, how did you see that?

DIP, near the area DIP edit, you can find a button that says create/edit.
If you cant find it,, than maybe Takahashi is changing something..

No, sorry at the moment we only allow 4 PCB pics..

PCBdB* Office.
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1. 2008/08/12
Most say that the new layout is much cooler than your old.
Nice work guys!

how do I add dip settings for added PCBs?
And can I add more than 4 PCB pictures ?
. 2008/08/07