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08:50 2008/05/08
MAY, our maintenance month!  [ Replys: 4 ]

What happened then?
Well, Im still waiting for reply from our designer that seems to be really busy,,
Our new page is really cool, and most say that its an total update from crap to something useful..

Really cool!
Keep on waiting,, I doing that as well,

PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
4. 2008/06/16

Something is moving,,
Our designer is now fixing our last parts,,
so Under upcomming week, should everything be done!

Must say,, this is cool!
PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
3. 2008/06/08
PCBdB meeting in Nara report, 25/05/2008

After a small 4 hours meeting with allot of coffee at café “Jyanburu” near Nara JR station.
The new PCBdB is taking a new format, and have started to grow sideways?
Exactly my thought too, “sideways”?

The new design is about 90% finish, and is going to get PCBdB a new look, and hopefully give the visitor a easier and interesting way to get description and information about the PCB.
Our new format is more like a Datasheet. Well you will see, when its time..

So when is it time? Well, our schedule below says in end of May, (This week) But is seems to be needed a little bit more time,,

The new page and system is built on a neighbor server in iZ Hostings network, so if you don’t see changes here, now,, then it’s because its being build and tested on a different place.

NO, all data, accounts, MyPage information, ect, ect, is going to be moved as,is.

So what are happening now?
Well, from start of this week our designer is working on the last 10%, I have started to convert design to HTML format, so when that’s ready the change will be done…The goal is this week, but depending on system changes and the last 10% of the design, there might be a day or a few days next week taken.

We are doing our best..

PCBdB* Office team
Yoakim A, represent from iZ Group

Report from NARA meeting, Japan 2008, 05, 25.
PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
2. 2008/05/28

Lets go shopping.
Well, almost,, At the same time we now write this, our designer are working on something that’s going to be a totally new look for our system.

Instead of changing we decided to create a new site with new system parts that will make it really easy for adding new PCBs, and edit PCBs.

At the same time our DB constructor, is making some really interesting changes that will make it work more smoother, and give the visitor a new possibility to browse and search thru our system..

Just to let you know that its work in progress.


! 2008/05/10 : Designers meeting.
! 2008/05/12 : Develop meeting in Osaka.
! 2008/05/15 : New decided design creation starting.
! 2008/05/17: DB Upgrade, and server cleaning.
! 2008/05/19: Today? Got a peek from our designer.. most say,, WOW!
2008/05/25: Next develop meeting, in Nara.
2008/05/?? : Changing day!

As you can see, WORK in progress!
PCBdB* Office.
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A iZ Group project
1. 2008/05/19

After long wait, PCBdB* office crew have at last decided to pull out our butts in the air and have a maintenance month..
Yes, we know we haven`t been the fastest crew, but now it are for real.

We will post our schedule in this treat, so you can follow the process.

If you like to reply, or add some comments of something we do,, please write in our
"maintenance questions" treat.

PCBdB* Office.
Join us today,

A iZ Group project
. 2008/05/08