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11:02 2008/02/26
Third Post ;-)  [ Replys: 4 ]
No word from Takahashi yet,,
Wonder what he is up to!

Golden week in Japan have just ended so, I have started working on the new design layout..!
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A iZ Group project
4. 2008/05/07
Well, it will be more traffic as soon our system is completed!
Its moving on, buts its really slow at the moment,,

Hope to be up with the new system now in begining of May! or will we Takahashi????
PCBdB* Office.
Join us today,

A iZ Group project
3. 2008/04/30
Well, not too much traffic here, unfortunately...

Greetings, gruessle...
2. 2008/04/29
Welcome , great to see another
german here
1. 2008/04/21
Hi all, this is me, Mike McBike - located in Germany - a small country in the middle of Europe ;-)
I'm development Engineer in Electronics and Programming, so I might answer your technical questions. Perhaps.
I'm 40 years old and I own
Match iIt
Truxton and

as blank PCBs.

Nice to be here.
Mike McBike
. 2008/02/26