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07:56 2008/01/08
Back in Office  [ Replys: 3 ]
looking forward to the update
We want to add pcbs!
3. 2008/04/21

Yes, there is going to be an update round now comming weekend..
That Update is a beginnig of our new layout of PCBdB* 2.0

PCBdB Office

PCBdB Office:
PCBdB Help:
2. 2008/03/19
So... Will there be any updates soon?
You're not your f*cking khakis.
1. 2008/03/12
Welcome to 2008,
Our PCBdB* staff are now back in iZ Groups Osaka Office after a lovely Japanese New Year and holiday.
Yes 2007 didn’t end the way we wanted, our time went out before we did end the update on PCBdB v1.5.
Our success to be kicked out from Wikipedia was also something that made us really happy!!

So, January 2008?
We will not promise too much, but there is time to end our upgrade of 1.5, and open registration tool for all members for real, so we can start collect true and real information here in PCBdB*. No, the information we have at the moment, is not false, just need a clean up to be 100% real!

Well, keep up the smile,,
2008 is going to be huge year for PCBdB*

PCBdB* Office
PCBdB* Office.
Join us today,

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. 2008/01/08