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21:14 2008/01/07
Unknown PCB???  [ Replys: 3 ]
well you could post the photo links in the forum for everyone to see
3. 2008/01/10
I will take some photos. Is it possible to post the photos on the forum, or do you want me to email them to you?
2. 2008/01/09
Do you have any pictures of the PCB and ingame?
1. 2008/01/08
Hi everyone

I have recently purchased a Nichubutsu Moon Alien part 2 cocktail table. The PCB inside the machine is a Nichubutsu, but the game it plays is Scramble. I have looked at the Scramble bootlegs on MAME, as I thought it would be the one on Galaxian hardware as this is essentially what Moon Alien is, but it’s not the same. The star field in the background of the game I have scrolls down the screen, where as all of the Scramble clones I have seen have a stationary star field.

Does anybody know what version of the game I have and if it is rare?


. 2008/01/07