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16:29 2007/09/23
Alternative names  [ Replys: 1 ]

Hi wixfgt

Well, we have though, and though, and did finaly decide that we should try to add one PCB to each title,, So in diffrent name cases is going to be diffrent PCBs for each game, even if the game is the same..

Why, well, in PCB cases there is some games that have a littlebit diffrent boards depending on licenser in diffrent countrys.. So to try to get as an good PCB DB as possible, we thought that we should add everything!

If you own "3 count bount" and can get pictures on the MVS, then we hope you can add it to our Index...!!

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1. 2007/09/23
Would n´be nice if the alternative names showed up in the PCBlist.
For example 3-count bout<->fire suplex.
Wich says 3-count bout here at my place but is listed as fire suplex so if i didn't know that it was also called fire suplex I wouldn't have been able to ad it :)

. 2007/09/23