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02:26 2007/09/03
Browse: Show the latest additions  [ Replys: 1 ]
Thats an interesting thought! But wonder if its really needed,,
In our new PCBdB* Office section you will fine ADD history, who added what and who edited what!
There is also an RSS stream setup to make it easier for us to see when things change!
So somthing like you like to see is on its way!

PCBdB Office

PCBdB Office:
PCBdB Help:
1. 2007/09/04
This would be very useful, right now if there are many additions at the same time, you can't see all of the new ones, and going through the complete database everytime is a bit tedious.

I guess this feature won't be as useful when you actually can add pcbs yourself.
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. 2007/09/03