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18:58 2007/08/21
Scanning PCBs  [ Replys: 8 ]
It's sad that we never got to see any result of this!!
Must be better with an good digital camera,,
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8. 2009/09/21
I would be surprised if this works on a flat bed scanner. The scanner is set to focus exactly on the glass, anything further away will be out of focus.

And you'll probably scratch the glass.
7. 2009/09/20
Thanks, so its a really good idea to make some high res pics of a pcb
6. 2008/04/22
Hi poleposition,

scanning your PCBs seems to be a good idea unless you have got a digital camera.
EEPROMs need some high energy ultraviolet light (UV) to get erased. Even broad sunlight needs hours to delete information stopred on those devices.
Normally, EEPROMs are covered by small stickers to prevent direct exposure of the chips. Don't remove them and you're on the save side.

Mike McBike
5. 2008/02/26
I think i dont try it at the moment, have only a few working PCBs
The eproms will only deleted whit a special sort of UV-Light, I heard if the sun shines on a Eprom it might take about 3 weeks until its deleted.
4. 2007/08/30
I have heard that some EPROM get hurt during bright bright light.
But that’s only a rumor! Never heard any results!!

If you try, please give us and report on the result!!!
It should be really cool if we could have some real close-ups on PCBs..


*PCBdB* do NOT take any responsibilities if you or anyone try this!! ahhaahaha
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3. 2007/08/30
I tried, but the Pcb was already dead
but i think therese no large magnetic field to damage parts,
I thought maybe the Uv-Light comes trough the label on the UV-Eprom.
But I dont know wich type of UV-Light scannerlamps are sending
2. 2007/08/28

Scan PCBs with a scanner!! That was a new thought!
I’m not sure if scanners are magnetized, if so, maybe some PCBs can get hurt by that!!

If you try, please let us know how it went!

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1. 2007/08/28

Is it possible to scan PCBs with a Scanner, or will the data for example on EPROMs deleted? Because the light might come through the of them.

. 2007/08/21