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23:29 2007/08/20
How can I add PCBs?  [ Replys: 9 ]
How about when a user has added 10 PCBs that are 100% accurate, their entrys no longer needs checking? This would help ease the workload for you guys.

Also, I don't know just how the "status checking" is handled, so I've added a PCB pic for my Metal Slug 5 (pcb ver.) for the Metal Slug 5 (MVS) database entry. I'm just curious about what you will do with it. Will I recieve a PM that I've put my photo up for the wrong game and the photo deleted, or will you create a new page for the PCB version instead and notify me about it? The latter would be preffered as it's more creative as opposed to just deleting the picture.

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9. 2007/08/30

Hi, Adding PCBs to our INDEX should be online from next week,
I have talked to Yocke about this, and to make this project work, we need
to start the adding flow.

We are still needed of PCBdB Office people that are willing to check new added PCBs, Its going to be hard sometimes to see, and understand if its really the right PCB added to the right name and so on.

But we are also going to add "Comment" area in each PCB, so to those who thinks some PCB are fake, or not at all the one thy say it is,, can comment or start at new toppic in our forum part.

I hope this is awnswer to your questions.
PCBdB* is an open project, so all ideas is welcome to improve PCBdB*..


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8. 2007/08/28
When can we add PCBs?
7. 2007/08/27
Now it worked to add SF2:CE... must have been the "'" that caused the problem
6. 2007/08/25
now it works, thanks ;)
5. 2007/08/24
That is strange!
Try again, if it dont work please let me know!
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4. 2007/08/24
Ok thanks, let us know when it will work again ;)

I cant add SFII too. Got a bootleg of it.
3. 2007/08/23
I can't add "Street Fighter 2' : Champion Edition" to my collection... all other games seems work fine to be added (i tested), I guess this is related to the security shutdown just mentioned?
2. 2007/08/23

Registration is closed at the moment due to security problems.
It should be back soon.

So until then, start collect data and photos of your collection.

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1. 2007/08/22
Or can only Admins do it?

Thanks ;)
. 2007/08/20